We love comedy, and we take it very seriously, that's why our students get results.

Now to understand Comedy we have to define what it is. Comedy is the intention to make people laugh, and laughter is an involuntarily reaction to an external stimulus.

If you accidentally touched a hot frying pan, you wouldn't need to ask if you should pull your hand away, it happens immediately and involuntarily, it’s not your choice - in a sense 'you' didn't pull your hand away. 

There are mechanisms in our brains that are beyond our control. We can of course replicate the sound of laughter, but we all know the difference and so does an audience.

Babies laugh before they learn to speak, and other primates laugh, laughter is not a result of language. Laughter is an evolutionary response to group formation and socialization and it has very specific triggers.

When you laugh life becomes more fun, and when you are having fun incredible things start to happen to you. Laughter frees you, it is cathartic, and the hormones we release when we laugh can suppress Adrenalin and allow us to think in divergent and non-linear ways, to see at a problem from a new perspective, and create a new meaning. 

On our workshops you will learn how to:


✅ Understand what laughter is from an evolutionary point of view

✅ Learn to accurately predict when people will laugh

✅ Quickly gain rapport with your audience

✅ Find your very own authentic comic 'voice'

✅ Level the playing field with those who possess 'natural ability'



We promise to deliver:


⭐ A tried and tested improv training system - that works!

⭐ Powerful techniques you can use

⭐ High quality professional instructors

⭐ Handouts of our syllabus for you to keep after each workshop

⭐ Individual written feedback and guidance on your progress

⭐ FREE tickets for friends and family to watch you perform



‪'The future of comedy'


‪'Helped me as a comedy writer'


'Ability to get the best out of everyone'


'I've made some wonderful friends'


'Excellent training'


'Life changing'


'I feel bullet proof'